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FINAL UPDATE!!! (7:30pm 4/27)
JaMarcus Russell
The Raiders have thrown up all sorts of smoke screens, but in the end, I fully expect them to stay put in the number one spot and select Russell. While Calvin Johnson is tempting, they can't go forward another year with such a huge hole at quarterback. Russell has the strong arm that will allow the Raiders to throw downfield early and often in his career in Oakland.
Calvin Johnson
Wide Receiver
G. Tech
In the end I don't see Calvin Johnson being a Detroit Lion. However, I do foresee a situation emerging where they select him and then work out a deal with the Bucs or Falcons. In the end, I believe Tampa lands Johnson, likely in exchange for Gaines Adams and some picks, but look out for Atlanta offering Patrick Willis and 2 second rounders.
Brady Quinn
Notre Dame
I'll save my criticism of this pick until after they make it official, but it looks like the Browns are going this direction. Despite the fact that owner Randy Lerner denies pushing GM Phil Savage to fo this direction, it is begining to look like Savage will take Quinn anyway. You also have to wonder if they might try to trade down.
Gaines Adams
Defensive End
If the Lions select Johnson the Bucs should take Gaines Adams for two reasons. Number one, because the Lions are targeting him and he could easily be offered up in a trade. And number two because even if they can't pull off a trade Adams fills a need for them at the defensive end position. Joe Thomas may be an option if they lose interested in Johnson.
Joe Thomas
Offensive Tackle
If Joe Thomas is on the board here I will be shocked if the Cardinals waste any time turning in their Card. Their offensive line needs some serious help to open holes for Edgerrin James and to keep Matt Leinart on his feet. Thomas is the guy that can solve those issues. However, they are rumored to love Levi Brown, so you can't rule out them trading down.
Amobi Okoye
Defensive Tackle
The Redskins are looking to trade down but I don't see that effecting my projection for them. Whether their picking 6th or 9th the 'Skins seem to be targeting either Okoye or Jamaal Anderson. They had a franchise worst 19 sacks in 2006 and Okoye has the rare ability to get to the quarterback from the defensive tackle position.
Adrian Peterson
Running Back
Rumors are swirling today that Peterson needs another surgury and that he may not be ready to take the field until the season opener. At this point, that info is meaningless, as each team has already done their homework on his and the Vikings are prepared to take him should he fall this far. If he's gone, look for them to target Landry or Jamaal Anderson.
LaRon Landry
If Landry is on the board the Falcons will almost certainly jump at the chance to give DeAngelo Hall some help in their secondary. They will give a long hard look at Levi Brown, because Wayne Gandy doesn't figure to last much longer as their left tackle, but in the end Landry is simply too good to pass up and he should have an instant impact.
Levi Brown
Offensive Tackle
Penn State
The Dolphins will be working phones all morning in an effort to land Brady Quinn, but in the end if the Browns want him, the Dolphins won't be able to offer enough to move up that high. The should sit here and select Brown or Jamaal Anderson insteadn. Brown is a legitimate franchise left tackle, in the mold of Seattle's Walter Jones.
Jamaal Anderson
Defensive End
This certainly won't be a very popular pick if the Texans select a defensive end for the second year in a row, but I think it is a smart move. I think Anderson has the potential to be a Jason Taylor type defensive lineman and would make an excellent addition to their line. There are also rumors of them swapping picks with Denver.
Patrick Willis
Inside Linebacker
How can you pass on Willis at this point? While many have Adam Carriker projected here, Willis would be a huge upgrade over current inside linebackers Derek Smith and Brandon Moore and he has tremendous value here, while Carriker would be a slight reach. In the event that Willis is already off the board, Carriker is the pick.
Leon Hall
Many Buffalo fans will be disappointed to see Willis already off the board, but they shouldn't be too concerned. They're still in great position to land Leon Hall, Darrelle Revis or Marshawn Lynch, all of whom fill a major need. Hall appears to be the top guy on the board, but look out for Revis, who has made a late rise up the rankings.
Darrelle Revis
A few weeks ago I would have guessed Alan Branch is their guy here, but it now looks like he's falling down the board. For the second year in a row the Rams now appear to be targeting a cornerback. Revis has risen up the draft boards the past few weeks and he is a legitimate top fifteen pick that could team with Tye Hill to give the Rams a talented secondary.
Reggie Nelson
Greg Olsen would look like the smart pick, but John Fox doesn't put much value in the tight end position. With Mike Minter planning to retire after this season, the Panthers are in great position to land his replacement here and get a guy that can immediately provide depth at both safety and corner and be a playmaker in their secondary.
Lawrence Timmons
Florida St.
I agree with those that say the Steelers are prepared to pick Darrelle Revis, however, it is a very real possibility that he is off the board already. In that event, the Steelers should be ready to take Timmons. He is a perfect fit for the Tampa 2 defense, which Tomlin figures to switch to eventually. In the meantime, he can provide depth at inside linebacker.
Marshawn Lynch
Running Back
This has been one of the few picks that has remained constant through much of the offseason. GM Ted Thompson doesn't necessary want to take a running back here, but he's in a situation similar to the Raiders. Even if someone is higher on their board, sometimes a need at a key position can bump a guy up and that is the case here.
Adam Carriker
Defensive End
The Jags are a difficult team to predict because they often reach for a position of need or a guy that they have rated higher than most. In this case, conventional wisdom says they need to take one of the top three defensive ends or Reggie Nelson. With Carriker being the only one left it looks like a no brainer, but don't be shocked if they reach for a safety.
Jon Beason
Miami FL
The Bengals have to use this pick on the defensive side of the ball, and with a few linebacker available, that would be the smart move. Beason has experience at inside and outside linebacker and could provide some much needed depth at the position in Cincinnati. And possibly most importantly, he has managed stay out of trouble while at Miami.
Ted Ginn Jr.
Wide Receiver
Ohio State
Personally, I think this is a long way for Ginn to fall, but it looks likely. Teams are concerned about his durability and route running, but his speed alone can change a game. He is exactly the type of receiver that Vince Young needs: someone that can really stretch the field like current stars Steve Smith, Santana Moss and Lee Evans.
Paul Posluszny
Outside Linebacker
Penn State
I'm not real high on Posluszny, but it looks like the Giants are. With Kawika Mitchell and Gerris Wilkinson slated to line up as their starting outside linebackers, they could certainly use a guy like Posluszny. Other options could include a cornerback like Aaron Ross, and you certainly can't rule out Joe Staley as a potential franchise left tackle.
Alan Branch
Defensive Tackle
I really can't believe that Branch is going to fall this far, but it is looking like a very real possibility. If he is on the board here the Broncos should waste no time adding him to the underachieving defensive line. His presence in the middle could really open things up on the outside for their pass rushers. Don't rule out the taking a linebacker here either.
Dwayne Bowe
Wide Receiver
Its tough to say exactly which receiver the Cowboys are targeting here, but it appears either Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett or Robert Meachem will be heading to Dallas. Of those three, Bowe has the best combination of size and speed and draws some comparisons to T.O. With Owens and Glenn getting up their in years this is a smart pick.
Joe Staley
Offensive Tackle
C. Michigan
The once dominant Chiefs offensive line has been seriously depleted due to retirements in the past year and they never properly prepared for this scenario. Staley has all the tools to become a franchise left tackle and would be an excellent addition in KC. Also, look out for them to go after a defensive tackle like Branch, if he falls, or Justin Harrell.
Brandon Meriweather
Miami FL
Its rumored that the Patriots are very high on Meriweather and would love to land him with the 24th pick. Rodney Harrison is slowing down and there's no telling how much longer he will last. Belichick likes to be prepared for these things, and this is the perfect opportunity to find his replacement for the future and add some nice depth for now.
Greg Olsen
Tight End
Miami FL
Greg Olsen has a chance to go in the top fifteen, but if the Panthers pass on him he could suffer a serious free fall. Should he be available here, I expect the Jets to jump all over him. They tried to use their tight ends a year ago, but they just didn't have the talent at the position that they would have liked and Olsen is a major upgrade.
Michael Griffin
The Eagles are said to be considering both Meriweather and Griffin, and it looks like at least one of them should be on the board here. Safety isn't a huge need for the Eagles, but the departure of Michael Lewis does leave a fairly significant hole at strong safety and Griffin could certainly compete with Sean Considine for that starting role.
Justin Harrell
Defensive Tackle
Justin Harrell is a big, physical defensive tackle and now that he is fully recovered from a torn biceps the Saints are prepared to select him 27th overall. In fact, don't be shocked if the Saints try to move up in the draft in order to their hands on Harrell, who could also go to the Chiefs. Should he be off the board, the Saints should consider a cornerback.
Dave Harris
Inside Linebacker
The Patriots are said to be very high on Jon Beason, but with him off the board they won't be too disappointed if they have to settle for Harris. He has steadily risen up the draft boards this offseason and would be an excellent fit in New England behind veterans Mike Vrable and Teddy Bruschi. The Pats may also consider a corner, given the Asante Samuel situation.
Ben Grubbs
Offensive Guard
The Ravens may have the deepest team in the league, which could allow them to select a player like Aaron Ross with great value here, but their offensive line isn't as dominant as it has been and Grubbs definitely looks like an upgrade over Jason Brown at left guard. They may also consider Ryan Kalil and Justin Blalock.
Robert Meachem
Wide Receiver
Should Meachem fall this far I think he is just too good for the Chargers to pass up. Making their choice easier is the fact that the top four safeties are already off the board. Meachem can add a new dimension to their offensive, which is a scary thought for the rest of the league. They may also target Dave Harris if he is available.
Dwayne Jarrett
Wide Receiver
While recent rumors have Jarrett falling down as far as the mid second round, I think he would be a perfect fit in Chicago. With Bernard Berian as the speed receiver, Dwayne Jarrett could be their possession receiver and red zone target. Despite comparisons to Mike Williams, I see no reason to think that Jarrett will be that much of a bust.
Aaron Ross
I understand that this is a fairly unlikely, and unpopular, pick for the Colts. However, I see most of their targets (Harrell, Harris, Timmons, Beason) coming off the board early and they are in a position to select the best player available rather than reach for a need. The pending departure of Jason David also makes this a smart pick, and Ross could end up stating in '07.



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