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FINAL Mock Draft - April 21
Sam Bradford
Bradford has been locked into this slot all offseason and there's no reason to change the pick now. They have yet to negotiate with Bradford on a contract, but don't read too much into that. For one, they'd probably still love to trade down, so they're keeping their options open. But, as we outlined in our blog a few days ago, the Rams have nothing to loose by waiting to negotiate until after the draft. I fully expect to hear Bradford's name called shortly after 7:30 on Thursday.
Ndamukong Suh
Suh is the top prop sect on most draft boards and the Lions have a hole at defense end. This pick makes too much sense not to happen. Teamed with Kyle Vanden Bosch and Corey Williams, Suh will help the Lions defense improve by leaps and bounds in 2010. That said, this is the Lions we're talking about. GM Martin Mayhew was groomed under Matt Millen, so you never know what to expect. I wouldn't rule out Gerald McCoy, Russell Okung or even Trent Williams.
Gerald McCoy
The Bucs will be praying that the Rams take Bradford, allowing either Suh or McCoy to fall to them at No. 3. Whichever one is on the board can be assured he'll be playing in Tampa in 2010. Chris Hovan and Ryan Sims were liabilities at defensive tackle in 2009 and the Bucs have absolutely no one waiting in the wings to take their place. Raheem Morris is hoping McCoy will develop into the next Warren Sapp, fulfilling their need for a disruptive defensive tackle.
Russell Okung
Oklahoma State
I've struggled with this pick more than any other. Trent Williams has all the physical attributes of a typical Mike Shanahan offensive lineman - slightly undersized, very athletic. But I thought the same thing about Chris Williams in 2008 and he took the bigger Ryan Clady instead. I'd say that's worked out for Denver. Once again, I think Shanahan goes the safe route rather than trying to get cute and picking a guy for "his scheme". Okung is the top tackle in the draft and he should be the pick.
Bryan Bulaga
Scouting report on Bulaga vary greatly, but he's a perfect fit in Kansas City. Scott Pioli loves tough, NFL-ready linemen and I believe he views Bulaga as a guy that he can plug into the starting lineup from day one and keep him there for 10 years. The wild card for the Chiefs is Eric Berry. On almost every draft board Berry will be ranked ahead of Bulaga, but Pioli simply doesn't believe in drafting defensive backs this early in the 1st round.
Trent Williams
The Seahawks have to consider Eric Berry, but I don't see them taking a defensive back when their offensive line is in shambles. Former Broncos offensive line coach Alex Gibbs is now in Seattle and Trent Williams is a perfect fit for his zone-blocking scheme. He's a gifted athlete and should be able to step right into the starting lineup at left tackle. While Berry would make sense, the uncertain future of Walter Jones ultimately tip the scales in favor of Williams.
Eric Berry
The Browns will be holding their breath when the Seahawks are on the clock, and may even try to trade up to jump Seattle. They have a glaring hole at free safety, which Berry would fill perfectly. If Berry is the off the board, the Browns will be left in a tough spot. No else who's expected to be on the board with a consensus top-10 grade fills an obvious hole in Cleveland. The wild card could be Jimmy Clausen. They need a franchise quarterback, but I think they'll ultimately pass.
Mike Iupati
Al Davis is sure to pull a shocker here. The only question is: can he top the selection of Heyward-Bey on the stupidity scale? Bruce Campbell is the popular choice in most mock drafts, but Iupati is actually a better fit for the Al Davis mold of offensive linemen. He loves maulers who play with a nasty demeanor. The same reasoning led him to Robert Gallery in 2004. This would certainly be a reach, but considering this is Al Davis we're talking about, Raiders fans should be satisfied with Iupati.
Dan Williams
With Jimmy Clausen on the board, the Bills have a very tough decision to make. However, I believe they've already made up their mind. The Bills have shown a strong interest in both Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy and are very likely to be in position to land one of them in the 2nd round. I believe they'll turn their attention to the defensive side of the football. You can't run a 3-4 defense without a nose tackle, and Kyle Williams simply isn't going to cut it.
C.J. Spiller
I believe the Jaguars want to make a bold statement with this pick for two reasons. 1) Their fan base is losing interest, fast. They want to stay in Jacksonville, but it will be tough if they can't put people in the stands. 2) Jack Del Rio is firmly on the hot seat. He'll be pushing hard for a player who can help them win immediately. C.J. Spiller is an elite playmaker, and would form a very scary duo with Maurice Jones-Drew in Jacksonville. The Jags may also try to trade down in an effort to land Tim Tebow.


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