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Tebow Not Wanted in Jacksonville?

jaguarsApparently not everyone in Jacksonville loves Tim Tebow.

According to ProFootballTalk, Jaguars offensive lineman Uche Nwaneri posted the following comments on the team’s message board:

“5. He cant throw. PERIOD.

4. He cant read any coverage other than probably cover 2 or man cov. PERIOD (the only cov. in college lol).


2. He doesnt know how to take a snap from center, nor is he even comfortable enough to.

1. HE CANT THROW. and thats really something you either have or not, never seen a qb who couldnt ever throw, just all of a sudden be able to throw just because hes now in the NFL.”

Now I’m not the biggest Tebow fan out there, but I feel like I have to defend him to an extent. So lets go through Nwaneri’s points:

5. uche_nwaneriI completely disagree with this one. If there’s anything Tebow can do, its throw the ball. He has a great arm and I’m confident his accuracy can improve with the help of an NFL coaching staff. Much of his accuracy and timing issues come from his motion, which can certainly be fixed if he’s willing to work at it.

4. Can any college quarterbacks read multiple defensive coverages? Nwaneri himself said that its the only one used in college. In reality that’s not entirely true, but its fair to say the schemes will get much more difficult in the NFL. That said, how is Jimmy Clausen or Sam Bradford any better prepared to face a Rex Ryan defense than Tebow?

3. Uhh, Uche… there’s a team in your state that seems to have the wildcat working pretty well for them. Now maybe Tebow isn’t going to be a great wildcat quarterback, but to say that it wont work, period, isn’t a fair statement.

2. Plenty of college quarterbacks enter the league having taken the majority of their snaps from the shotgun. Sam Bradford, the No. 1 quarterback on many draft boards, played in a spread offense at Oklahoma. That alone isn’t a reason to downgrade a prospect. I have no question in Tebow’s ability to learn how to stick his hand under the center’s butt and take the ball.

1. Isn’t this the same as No. 5?

As I said, I don’t think Tebow will be a star. In fact, I have him as my 9th-rated quarterback just one slot ahead of Troy’s Levi Brown. But I also think its entirely unfair for Nwaneri to open up – on the team’s message board, no less – about his opinions on a college quarterback who could very well be his teammate in a couple months.

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