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Draft Grades: New York Jets

The New York Jets are making some bold moves this offseason, and it carried over to the draft. The rolled the dice early and often with this draft class, and it could pay of big way… or it could cost Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan their jobs.

Quinton Coples was a bold choice in the 1st round, especially considering some of the impact players still on the board. While Coples has a ton of potential, he’s had trouble staying motivated on the field which raises some big red flags. And when players have effort issues in college, it doesn’t usually improve once they’re collecting an NFL paycheck.

I like the selection of Stephen Hill in the 2nd round, but he’s not going to provide much help early on. He’ll serve as a deep threat early in his career, and could develop into a No. 1 receiver down the road, but will Tannenbaum and Ryan be around to reap those benefits?

Demario Davis was a reach in the 3rd round and didn’t fill a position of need. He’ll backup David Harris and Bart Scott at inside linebacker and play on special teams.

Josh Bush will compete for the the right to back up LaRon Landry at strong safety and provide some help in special teams coverage.

Terrance Ganaway will compete for a backup job at running back, but I don’t like his chance of winning a job. Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight should be solidly ahead of him on the depth chart.

Robert Griffin is a massive interior lineman who will compete for a backup job. He needs to stay in better shape, but he has the potential to develop into late-round steal.

I love the selection of Antonio Allen. He may never develop into a starter, but he’ll be an immediate impact player on special teams. I actually like Allen significantly more than Josh Bush.

Jordan White has some injury issues which led to his fall in the draft, but he has the potential to be a steal if he can stay on the field. He was extremely productive at Western Michigan and could develop into a decent slot receiver at the next level.

The Jets clearly gambled early in this class and were thinking about the future more than 2012. It’s a risky strategy, but there’s no denying the fact that they added two of the most talented players in the draft in the 1st and 2nd round. However, they didn’t add anyone who projects as a future starter in the 3rd round or later. The lack of depth from this class, coupled with the early-round risks makes it tough to give them a high grade.

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New York Jets select Stephen Hill, Grade A

The New York Jets needed to upgrade their receiving corps, and they got a guy who can make an impact immediately and who also has a ton of upside.

Stephen Hill has the potential to be an immediate deep threat, and should play a role very similar to the one Torrey Smith played in Balitmore as a rookie last year. Like Smith, Hill has a long way to go before he’s a polished product, but his raw skills will allow him to be a difference maker in certain situations even as a rookie.

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Stephen Hill scouting report

Stephen Hill WR Georgia Tech #5
Ht: 6’4″Wt: 215  
Elite height. Fairly well built; strong enough to fight through press coverage. Elite leaping ability, a serious threat in the red zone. Excellent hands; will come down with some tough catches in traffic. Above-average straight-line speed, especially considering his size; has the ability to stretch the field. Gets up to full speed surprisingly quickly; will blow past cornerbacks if they’re not prepared for his speed. Does a nice job tracking the ball in the air; easily adjusts to poorly thrown balls (and he’s had a lot of practice at this at Georgia Tech). Tough runner after the catch; willing to lower his shoulder and fight for extra yardage. Experience returning kicks. Blocking skills are well above average for a collegiate receiver.
Only expected to run a limited number of routes at Georgia Tech due to their triple-option attack. Route running is somewhat sloppy; not fluid making his cuts and will need to become more crisp and fluid in his movements to excel at the next level. Numbers are misleading; produced a number of big plays, but benefited from timely play calls which took advantage of defenses preparing for the triple-option and forgetting about the pass. Loses focus at times; makes some acrobatic catches, but he’ll drop some very easy ones too.
From a pure raw talent standpoint, Hill is an elite prospect. He has the raw skills necessary to be a true No. 1 at the next level. However, he is very raw. He comes from a triple-option offense which forced him to run a limited array of routes. And even on the routes he did run, he looked sloppy and not very explosive in his cuts. However, the triple-option did develop his running and blocking skills which are both well above average. As a result, if he ever develops his route running skills, he will be the complete package. Hill’s upside should land him in the top 50 picks, and he may even draw consideration in the late 1st round. He’s a risky pick that high, and won’t contribute much as a rookie, but could end up being a steal three years down the road.
2011 vs UNC
2011 vs Georgia, Middle Tennessee 
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Ravens targeting wide receiver in draft?

According to Tony Pauline of, the Baltimore Ravens have a “large number of wide receivers” on their official draft interview list and could be considering one as early as the 1st round.

Two of the Ravens interviewees were Rueben Randle and Stephen Hill, both of whom are potential late 1st-round prospects.

It may come as a slight surprise that Ravens would be targeting a receiver a year after drafting Torrey Smith in the 2nd round, but Smith’s long-term upside is limited. While he has the speed to stretch the field, he’s basically a one-trick pony and probably always will be. Randle and Hill, on the other hand, have the size (both over 6’4″) to be the perfect compliment to Smith.

This could be the year the Ravens go all-in with Joe Flacco, and attempt to surround him with the talent he needs to take their offense to an elite level.

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