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Draft Losers: Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks made the reach of the draft by selecting Bruce Irvin in the 1st round, but that wasn’t the last of their poor decisions. And for the second straight year, Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider demonstrated a complete lack of understanding as to how to use the draft to effectively improve their roster.

Bruce Irvin

Irvin's workout numbers landed him in the 1st round

2nd-round pick Bobby Wagner is the Seahawks only draftee with a reasonable chance to start in 2012, and even he will be forced to compete with Barrett Ruud for the starting job at inside linebacker.

The selection of Russell Wilson, who projects as a career backup, raises further questions about the Seahawks draft strategy. It’s difficult to imagine how the Seahawks front office could justify a draft class filled with career backups when their current roster is filled with so many glaring holes.

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Seattle Seahawks select Russell Wilson, Grade B

The Seattle Seahawks needed to come away with a quarterback to develop at some point in this draft, and Russell Wilson is a solid choice. However, the 3rd round is a little too early to take a guy who projects as a career backup.

I love Wilson’s leadership and his intangibles, but he lacks the physical tools to be an elite starter at the next level. I do think he will have a long career and be an excellent backup and spot starter, but Seahawks fans should keep a realistic mindset about this selection. Wilson is not the future franchise quarterback. More realistically, he’s the next Seneca Wallace.

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Russell Wilson scouting report

Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin #16
Ht: 5’11″

Wt: 204

Extremely patient in the pocket. Remains calm, keeps his eyes downfield and stands tall even as the pocket is collapsing around him. Impressive athlete; former minor-league baseball player. Can buy time with his feet and is also a threat to take off running. Impressive accuracy on all throws. Arm strength isn’t elite, but has more than enough strength to make all the throws. Does a nice job on play action and pump fakes. Plenty of experience; four-year starter. Made smooth transition from N.C. State to Wisconsin and clearly picked up Badgers offense quickly and excelled from the start. Strong fundamentals; nice over-the-top throwing motion minimizes impact of his height.
Accuracy becomes shaky on the run; will miss some wide-open receivers when rolling outside the pocket (see first 2011 MSU game). Decision making typically strong, but does make some poor decisions under extreme pressure (took safety vs MSU by throwing ball away; also made uncharacteristic number of mistakes vs OSU, arguably best defense he faced in career). Undersized; a limited number of quarterbacks with his height excel at the next level.
Wilson’s height definitely raises some concern, but if he were 6’4″ I believe he would be considered a solid mid-to-late 1st-round pick. While his height puts him at a disadvantage, he definitely has the tools (accuracy and athleticism) to overcome his short stature. While he may never develop into a starter, he should have a long career due to his composure on the field and his overall football intelligence. At worst, he should be a reliable backup, who may eventually develop into a starter. He compares favorably, both in terms of tools and measurables, to Seneca Wallace and should be able to put together a similar career.
2011 vs Ohio State
2011 vs Michigan State 
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5 teams that will draft a quarterback

1. Indianapolis Colts/Washington Redskins
This is a done deal, so I’ll group these teams together.  We know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin are headed to Indy and Washington, respectively. But I will add this, don’t be surprised if Colts draft another quarterback to compete for the backup job with Drew Stanton. They own six picks in the final three rounds of the draft, and could add a guy like Russell Wilson or B.J. Coleman late in the draft.

2. Miami Dolphins
I’m not convinced the Dolphins will take Ryan Tannehill, but they will draft someone to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job. If they pass on Tannehill, Brandon Weeden or Kirk Cousins could be options on Day Two.

3. Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs are another candidate to land Tannehill. But even if they miss out on the Texas A&M signal caller, they’re likely to bring in someone to groom as Matt Cassel’s replacement in the 2nd or 3rd round.

4. Cleveland Browns
The Browns will have the first crack at Tannehill, but they’re unlikely to pull the trigger at No. 4. In fact, the Browns may simply chose to stick with McCoy and pass on most of the top signal callers in this draft. But that doesn’t mean they won’t find someone. Mike Holmgren is a quarterback guru, and is likely to pick out someone in the 3rd round or later that he would like to develop.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
Obviously the Steelers aren’t in the Tannehill sweepstakes, but they’re also unlikely to enter the 2012 season with Jerrod Johnson and Troy Smith as Roethlisberger’s backups. Look for them to add a quarterback at some point, potentially as a early as the 3rd round.

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Does Russell Wilson’s height matter?

Wilson could come off the board anywhere from the 3rd to 7th round

Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson was measured at 5’10 5/8″ today at the Senior Bowl. This isn’t a surprise, he was listed at 5’11″ by Wisconsin, but it is disappointing news for Wilson.

Since 1980, only two quarterbacks under 6-feet have started at least 10 games in season  - Doug Flutie (listed at 5’10″) and Pat Haden (listed a 5’11″).

With that in mind, don’t be surprised if some teams remove Wilson from their draft board. While he certainly has the arm strength and athleticism, his accuracy is often erratic and his height only further limits the number of throws he can make.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone believes Wilson’s height will slow him down.


Mayock is definitely in the minority with his assessment of Wilson, but it’s proof that it only takes one. There are enough quarterback-needy teams out there that someone who misses out on a 1st or 2nd-round quarterback could take a flier on Wilson as early as the 3rd.

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