Ricky Stanzi

Will the Washington Redskins draft a quarterback?

The Washington Redskins were one of the teams most assumed were desperate for a quarterback in this year’s draft. But with Blaine Gabbert on the board in the 1st round, they decided to trade down. And then passed on Ryan Mallett, Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick at various other points in the draft as they continued to trade back.

Could Stanzi land in Washington?

So what does this say about the Redskins quarterback plans?

Ricky Stanzi is still on the board and has some potential, but it would be difficult to imagine him stepping in as a starter as a rookie.

Does this mean Mike Shannahan is willing to patch things up with Donovan McNabb? Or move forward with Rex Grossman?

Their quarterback situation is one of the biggest unanswered questions as we enter Day 3 of the draft.

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Browns are going to draft a quarterback

Mike Holmgren has faith in Colt McCoy. He’s made that very clear.

However, he also plans to draft a quarterback.

That admission shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that both Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace are free agents. However, Holmgren also stated that he plans to meet with all of the top quarterbacks, which he indicated probably includes Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton.

It will be interesting to see what Holmgren means when he says he will meet with all of the top quarterbacks. He said he will “bring them in, do our work and see what happens.”

Does that mean he plans to use some of his private workouts on guys like Gabbert and Newton?

If so, it’s a questionable decision and has to make you wonder how committed he is to McCoy. If they’re set to move forward with McCoy, it makes no sense to draft a quarterback in the 1st or 2nd round. So why waste a draft visit on quarterbacks that will be long gone by the time its worth considering a signal caller.

One would think it would be wise to focus on more realistic 1st-round options, and perhaps some mid-round quarterbacks such as Pat DevlinAndy Dalton and Ricky Stanzi.

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Ricky Stanzi Scouting Report

Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa #12

Ht: 6’4

Wt: 230

Prototypical size and overall build. Made significant strides throughout his career and capped it off with one of the best senior years in Iowa history. Strong arm. Accuracy is decent and has shown improvement in this area. Developed into a very good decision maker as a senior. A true team leader on and off the field. Three-year starter.
Plagued by poor decisions throughout his career, but turned it around as a senior; is he a one-year wonder or did something really click? Limited mobility; not a threat to take off running. Physical tools are good, but nothing about him really stands out.
It’s tough not to like Stanzi. He’s a hard worker and a gritty football player. Coaches love having guys like him to lead the team. He definitely has the tools to play in the NFL, but probably not as a long-term starter. In the mid-to-late rounds he could be safe pick and should be able to hang around the league for awhile as a capable backup. Possibly the next Kelly Holcomb.
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Most intriguing battles at the Senior Bowl

Von Miller vs Ryan Kerrigan
There aren’t many elite 3-4 pass rushers in this year’s draft class, which is typically one of the most sought-after positions early in the draft. Both Miller and Kerrigan are capable of playing outside in the 3-4 scheme and a number of teams could be in the market for them in the 1st round. Both players grade out very close and this could be an opportunity for one to get the upper hand.

Jake Locker vs Ricky Stanzi
Talent-wise, there’s no comparing Locker and Stanzi (Locker wins easily). Production-wise there’s also no comparing them (Stanzi wins easily). If Locker plays up to his full potential, this should be his opportunity to reclaim his consensus 1st-round grade. However, if he is out-played by Stanzi – who plays with a similar style and has a comparable skill set – Locker is almost certain to fall out of the 1st round.

Gabe Carimi vs Anthony Castonzo vs DeMarcus Love
Do we have a left tackle in this group? All three are fringe 1st-round prospects and what holds them back is the question about their position. None of the three have the elite athleticism you look for in a left tackle, but all three had productive careers on the left side in college. Seeing all three on the same field will help clear up the picture as to who has a legitimate case to be a 1st-round pick.

Mike Pouncey vs Ben Ijalana vs Rodney Hudson
Who is the top interior lineman in Mobile? Entering this week I give a slight edge to Ijalana, but we have yet to see him face elite competition. With a solid week Ijalana could become a potential 1st-round prospect, much like Mike Iupati used the Senior Bowl as a spring board last year. However, Pouncey and Hudson will have that same opportunity. All three have different body builds and are very different players, making this an interesting competition to watch. [updated: Mike Pouncey has elected not to participate].

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