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Washington Redskins draft backup QB in 4th round

The Washington Redskins wasted no time finding a backup quarterback for Robert Griffin. The Redskins selected Kirk Cousins in the 4th round, and will likely allow him to compete with Rex Grossman for the backup role.

Despite some overdramatic reactions around the league, there will never be a competition between Griffin and Cousins. No matter where Cousins was drafted, he was going to be a backup quarterback. So does it really matter if the guy ahead of him on the depth chart is a rookie or a 10-year veteran?

Cousins has limited physical tools and will  never be a long-term starter at the next level. However, he is an intelligent player and exactly the type of guy you want on the sidelines. He should have a long career as a backup, but he will never seriously challenge Griffin for playing time.

The only concern I have with this pick is the fact that the Redskins have so many other holes. Were they really in the position to draft a backup quarterback with other impact players still on the board?

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Chiefs likely to draft QB early

The Kansas City Chiefs paid good money to bring Matt Cassel into the fold in 2009, but three years into his tenure he’s shown limited improvement. Now, with three years and just over $21M remaining on his contract, the Chiefs are starting to look for his eventual replacement.

The Chiefs have already arranged visits with Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins and Brock Osweiler, each of whom should come off the board no later than the 3rd round.

While I am generally against Ryan Tannehill going in the 1st round, the Chiefs would be a good fit. Tannehill is still learning the position and getting thrust into a starting role could be detrimental to his long-term development. In Kansas City, however, there will be no pressure to play right away. The Chiefs could stick with Cassel for at least one more year, if not longer.

Cousins and Osweiler are Day 2 prospects, who the Chiefs may consider in the early 2nd round. Cousins is more ready to play immediately, but Osweiler has the higher ceiling.

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Bills looking to draft a quarterback?

Last October, the Buffalo Bills locked up Ryan Fitzpatrick to a 7-year, $62M contract, so it may seem odd that they’re evaluating quarterbacks in the 2012 Draft.

However, only $24M of Fitzpatrick’s contract is guaranteed, and $10M of that has already been paid out in the form of a signing bonus. Additionally, the yearly value of the contract increases up to $7.2M in 2015 and approaches $10M in the final year of the deal.

In other words, there is no chance of Fitzpatrick playing out this contract, and the Bills are already looking into other long-term options at the position.

The Bills recently met with Kirk Cousins and have a visit scheduled with Brock Osweiler, two potential 2nd or 3rd-round prospects in the upcoming draft.

Neither quarterback would challenge Fitzpatrick for playing time in 2012, but both have the potential to develop into starters and could be the long-term answer in Buffalo.

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Former NFL QB Tony Banks shares thoughts on Tannehill

I spent a good deal of time last night evaluating Ryan Tannehill and debating his potential on twitter. Shortly after posting a detailed break down of Tannehill’s performance against LSU in the 2011 Sugar Bowl, former quarterback and current Big Ten Network analyst Tony Banks chimed in.

I had stated that Tannehill’s accuracy was fine on simple routes, when his receivers aren’t on the move, but struggles hitting receivers in stride on slants and other crossing patters. That’s when Banks chimed in…

Clearly Banks was joking (sort of) which he explained later, but first went on to dismiss the notion of Tannehill as a 1st round prospect.

The conversation continued, but you get the jist of it from these tweets.

I completely agree with Banks’ blunt assessment that Tannehill “plays catch well” but struggles with the types of throws you need to make in the NFL. Saying he’s never made a 1st-round throw may be a slight exaggeration, but Banks was simply making his point clear – Tannehill was not forced to make the types of throws or decisions at Texas A&M that he will be faced with at the next level.

As the conversation turned from Tannehill, Banks also shared thoughts on Brock Osweiler (likes his potential but concerned with delivery) and his alma maters’ quarterback Kirk Cousins (likes his measurables but says he’s “skiddish” in the pocket”).

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Kirk Cousins scouting report

Kirk Cousins QB Michigan State #8
Ht: 6’3″

Wt: 205

Elite intangibles. A team leader that players rally around and coaches respect. Three-year team captain. Will be able to command an NFL huddle, even at a young age. Consistently came up big in clutch moments throughout his college career. Decent athleticism and mobility; capable of moving around in the backfield to buy time. Looks good throwing on the run; maintains his fundamentals and accuracy.
Does everything well, but nothing great. Arm strength is mediocre at best. Accuracy is acceptable, but somewhat inconsistent. Decision making needs to improve. Tries to force the ball into tight spaces too often; although this could be a product of playing without any receivers who have the ability to consistently separate from coverage.
It’s tough to project Cousins as anything more than a career backup, but I also wouldn’t want to bet against him developing into a quality starter. Had he played at a top-tier program his late-game heroics, leadership and overall intangibles would have received Tebow-like coverage from the media. For a team looking for a quality backup quarterback and someone to be groomed to potentially start three or four years down the road, Cousins will be an attractive mid-round pick.
2011 vs Ohio State
2010 vs Michigan
2010 vs Notre Dame 
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