Jimmy Smith

Lack of interest in Jimmy Smith?

Smith's off-field problems may keep him out of the 1st round

To the best of my knowledge only two teams have set up pre-draft workouts/visits with Jimmy Smith, the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions.

Normally I wouldn’t put much stock in this fact since teams frequently take players in the late 1st-round without having met beforehand. However, Smith isn’t the type of player you take in the 1st round without doing your homework.

Smith already has multiple arrests and a failed drug test under belt, which has caused some teams to reportedly remove him from their draft board altogether. With that in mind, I simply can’t see a team spending a 1st-round pick on him without having spent a decent amount of time getting to know him first.

Of course, it’s possible that he has made other visits which the media is unaware of, and it’s also possible that more visits will be set up between now and the draft. But if we read between the lines at this point in time, it looks as though Smith may be a longshot for the 1st-round.

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Ravens show interest in cornerbacks with size

It’s no secret that the Baltimore Ravens need a cornerback. Now they may be tipping their hand as to who exactly they’ll be interested.

When asked about the Ravens interest in cornerbacks director of player personnel Eric DeCosta stated: “Smaller corners typically will have a disadvantage going against bigger receivers. If you can get bigger, those guys can be a little more durable and physical. There aren’t many of those guys out there. If you do, you get a guy like Champ Bailey or Chris McAlister or Charles Woodson.”

If they’re targeting that position in the 1st round, that means they’re probably limiting themselves to Aaron Williams and Jimmy Smith. The only other corner widely regarded as a 1st-round pick would be Brandon Harris, who is significantly smaller and doesn’t play a physical brand of football.

One sleeper option could be New Mexico State’s Davon House. At 6’1″, 200 pounds he certainly fits the mold of what they’re looking for, but he’ll need to prove he has the speed and athleticism to make a significant leap from the WAC to the NFL.

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Rams interested in trading down

Rams GM Billy Daveney has stated that he and his staff are already discussing the possibility of trading down on draft day.

It makes perfect sense and is probably their dream scenario unless Julio Jones is on the board.

The Rams only glaring need is a wide receiver, but only Jones and A.J. Green are likely to get top 15 grades from many teams. However, there could be two or three receivers – Torrey Smith, Jon Baldwin and Titus Young – worthy of a late 1st-round selection.

In addition to receiver, two other primary areas of need in St. Louis – outside linebacker and cornerback – are lacking mid-1st-round talent, making the move even more likely. In a situation where Jones, Akeem Ayers, Prince Amukamara and Jimmy Smith are all off the board, the Rams may be forced to trade down or settle for someone at a position that doesn’t fill a hole.

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Jimmy Smith scouting report

Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
Ht: 6’2″

Wt: 205

Elite size. A very physical cornerback who uses his size to his advantage. Won’t back down from getting physical with bigger receivers. Shows good fundamentals in both zone and man coverage. Rarely caught out of position. Excels in run support. Reliable wrap-up tackler.
Multiple arrests for underage drinking. Failed a drug test in 2007. Speed is his biggest question mark on the field. Often lined up against bigger receivers, leaving the faster guys to teammate Jalil Brown. Does he have the athleticism to play man coverage with the NFL’s elite? Overaggressive both in coverage and in run support. Needs to be more patient and develop better instincts. Suffered a concussion in 2010.
Smith has the potential to be an elite cornerback but there are definitely concerns about his speed and athleticism. However, he should still be a high pick because his skill set would translate easily to free safety if it doesn’t work out at cornerback. His size allows him to be a versatile prospect, which should ease the mind of anyone hesitating to give him a shot in the 1st or early 2nd round.
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