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Jeff Fisher’s departure could impact Titans draft plans

My immediate reaction to the surprising Jeff Fisher news yesterday was: does this mean Vince Young is staying? ESPN’s Adam Schefter quickly put an end to that possibility, at which point my mind turned to their draft.

The Titans have been a fairly well-run organization from top to bottom during the Jeff Fisher era, but owner Bud Adams does have an Al Davis streak in him when it comes to the draft; and particularly when it comes to quarterbacks. Adams was instrumental in the Oilers decision to draft Steve McNair in 1995 (a decision which worked out just fine) and played an even larger role in the selection of Vince Young in 2006 (a decision which didn’t work out so well).

Bud Adams has always liked big, mobile QBs

Throughout the past five seasons it often appeared as though Adams was Young’s only supporter, which undoubtedly played a role in the rift that grew between Adams and Fisher, ultimately pushing them apart.

So now that Fisher and Young are both gone, Adams is left with no quarterback and a young coach whom he can easily control. In other words, if Adams wants someone in the draft, he’ll get him.

Considering their desperate need for a signal caller and Adams affinity for strong-armed, mobile quarterbacks, Cam Newton suddenly looks like a very strong possibility.

I mentioned this on Twitter last night, to which @TitansMCM (of MusicCityMiracles.com) replied: “Not as long as [Mike] Reinfeldt and [Steve] Underwood are in charge… I think Bud learned his lesson [after drafting Vince Young]. The key word there is think.”

There’s a strong possibility that he’s right, and Adams will remain hands off. But as he eludes to, you just never know with an owner like Adams. For whatever reason he seems to trust a certain type of quarterback and it may be hard to pass up a Heisman winner who fits that mold perfectly.

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Bud Adams insists Fisher and Young must “work together”

Jeff Fisher is fed up with Vince Young.

Vince Young is fed up with Jeff Fisher.

Normally in these situations the head coach who has been in place since since 1994 wins the battle. But in this case, no one wins.

Titans owner Bud Adams has a bit of an Al Davis streak in him, and is insisting (as he has since draft day in 2006) that Jeff Fisher and Vince Young must coexist, whether they like it or not.

Aug 9, 2009; Canton, OH, USA; Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fischer (left) poses with Titans owner Bud Adams on the sidelines during the Hall of Fame game against the Buffalo Bills at Fawcett Stadium. Photo via Newscom

Which one of these men would you want making the football decisions for your team?

According to The Tennesseean, when asked if Vince Young would return for 2011 Adams replied:

Oh, God yeah. He is under contract. I wouldn’t want to let him go… we are going to pay him a lot of money.’’

Adams then said that Fisher, too, would be back for another season.

Personally, I think Adams should side with Fisher. Vince Young is a talented quarterback. He’s good enough to make you a playoff competitor every year, which is exactly what he’s done as the Titans starter. But the problem is: he isn’t dedicated enough to make the Titans a Super Bowl contender.

Just look at the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. None of them have Young’s physical abilities. So why is Young a mediocre quarterback at best?

I’ve never met the guy, so I can’t say I have firsthand knowledge of this, but it’s safe to assume it all boils down to his work ethic and his all-around attitude toward preparation. I just don’t think he loves the game. And if that’s true – even to a small extent – it’s understandable that Fisher would want to cut his losses and move on.

But the biggest problem I have with this scenario isn’t that Adams wants to stick with Young, it’s that he wants to stick with Young AND Fisher.

You can’t have it both ways, Bud. Pick a horse and stick with it. Fisher has been your guy for nearly two decades, so I’d recommend trusting him. But if you insist on keeping your hand-picked quarterback, then dump Fisher and find someone willing to work with Young.

One way or the other, Adams needs to make a change or he could be looking at an even messier situation when the Titans find themselves in the midst of another disappointing season in 2011.

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