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Could Dolphins target Taylor Mays?

I’ve had the Dolphins paired up with Dan Williams in my mock draft for about a month now. He would fill their need for a nose tackle, which is greater than ever now that Jason Ferguson is suspended for the first half of the 2010 season. But what if he’s not on the board?

The Bills are transitioning from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense and are lacking a true nose tackle. They’d much prefer to take a quarterback (most likely Jimmy Clausen) but if he’s off the board their attention could turn to Williams.

That would leave presumably leave he Dolphins with three options:

1. Take Dez Bryant
Wide receiver is their most glaring need, especially a big target like Bryant. However, Parcells loathes the idea of taking receivers early in the draft. Throw in the fact that Bryant is perceived as lazy and a bit of a prima donna, and it just doesn’t seem like a plausible option.

2. Take the best available pass rusher
The Dolphins need to replace Joey Porter and Jason Taylor. Cameron Wake has one starting outside linebacker job wrapped up, but the other is wide open. Jason Pierre-Paul and Brandon Graham would appear to be great fits. However, its a deep class for hybrid pass rushers, and a quality player could be found later in the draft.

3. Take a free safety
CFB: USC vs UCLA DEC 6The Dolphins parted ways with free safety Gibril Wilson after the season, opening up a hole in the secondary. Earl Thomas is likely to be the highest rated safety on most boards, but he doesn’t quite fit the profile of what Parcells looks for in a defensive back. Parcells has a tendency to become enamored with big, athletic safeties. The best recent example is Pat Watkins, whom he selected in the 5th round in 2006. Watkins never quite panned out, but Parcells thrust him into the starting lineup as a rookie. I remember reading during the season quotes from Parcells marveling at the athleticism of a man his size (6’4″, 220). If he was wowed by Watkins, what must he think of Taylor Mays?

Obviously a lot has to play out in order for the Dolphins to even consider Mays. I have little doubt that Parcells would prefer Dan Williams, but there remains a very realistic possibility that he’s gone by the time Dolphins are on the clock. Mays to the ‘Phins may be a long shot, but don’t be shocked to hear his name called at No. 12 on April 22.

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Chad Henne Wants a Receiver

dolphinsBill Parcells, listen up.

Chad Henne wants a receiver. But not just any receiver; he has some specific requests. When asked by the Palm Beach Post what he would like this offseason he responded:

“A big receiver. Somebody who’s 6-3 and can run. I like our receivers, but we don’t have a power guy, We do a lot of finesse stuff… I didn’t say Braylon [Edwards] but somebody like him would be good.”

Its a reasonable request, and an obvious need, but Henne shouldn’t get his hopes up.

parcellsreceiversParcells is highly unlikely to address this early in the draft. The Dolphins football czar hasn’t selected a receiver in the 1st or 2nd round since taking Terry Glenn in the 1st round in 1996. And that pick was actually made by Robert Kraft and was a primary reason why Parcells packed up and head to New York the following offseason.

Dez Bryant wouldn certainly be tempting should he fall to No. 12, but the odds of Parcells pulling the trigger on that selection are extremely low. Even Arrelious Benn, Brandon LaFell or Demaryius Thomas in the 2nd round would probably satisfy Henne, but Parcells likely has other plans.

Carolina Panthers v Miami DolphinsInstead of the draft the Dolphins may have to fill that need in free agency or via a trade. Brandon Marshall and Anquan Boldin are the most likely big name receivers to be traded and both would satisfy Henne’s desire for a big receiver. But will the Dophins, who have other significant holes to fill, be willing to part with the draft picks necessary to land either?

Other restricted free agents included Braylon Edwards and Miles Austin, but it would be fairly surprising to see their current teams not match any reasonable offer to bring them back. And I certainly don’t envision the Dolphins breaking the bank on either of them.

The top unrestricted free agents are Antonio Bryant and Terrell… well, there’s no point in even bringing up that name, its never gonna happen.

Ultimately, it doesn’t look good for Henne getting his wish. There are certainly some options out there, but it would require Parcells either breaking his vow never to select a receiver in the 1st round or breaking the bank on a big name receiver.

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