Armanti Edwards

The worst pick in the 2011 NFL Draft: Armanti Edwards

Worst trade in draft history?

The worst pick of the 2011 NFL Draft has already been made.

With the 89th pick in the 2010 Draft the Carolina Panthers selected Armanti Edwards, a former quarterback from Appalachian State whom they are converting to receiver. It may have been a slight reach, but nothing outrageous.

Unfortunately in order to get that 89th pick they had to give up a king’s ransom.

The Panthers sent their 2011 2nd-round pick to New England, which ended up becoming the 33rd pick in this year’s draft.

With that pick, the Patriots are going to get an instant-impact player. The Panthers, meanwhile, are stuck with Edwards, who appeared in just three games as a rookie and is still searching for his first career reception.

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