Amari Spievey

2010 Draft Grades: Lions

The Lions landed the best player in the draft and the player that best fits their needs in Ndamukong Suh. Together with Kyle Vanden Bosch and Corey Williams, Suh will help give the Lions an impressive, new revamped defensive line.

I like the Lions willingness to move up to get the guy they wanted, but I just don’t think Jahvid Best is worth a 1st-round pick. He’s a very nice weapon to have, but he isn’t a player to build around. The fact that Best is vastly undersized and is coming off a serious injury raises significant concerns about his ability to carry the load in the NFL. If he’s only a Darren Sproles-type change-of-pace back then he isn’t worth a 1st-round pick.

They reached for Amari Spievey but he’s a perfect fit for their defense. They needed depth at cornerback and Spievey will be able to help immediately.

I really like the selection of Jason Fox. He’ll be a backup at both tackle positions, and will be groomed to potentially take over a starting job in a few years.

Willie Young was a steal in the 7th round. However, he may struggle to make the roster in Detroit. Their defensive line is now one of the strong suits of the team and they’re very deep at defensive end.

Mr. Irrellevant, Tim Toone, will have to fight to make the roster at receiver. His best chance will be to stand out on special teams.

Overall, this was a solid but unspectacular draft for the Lions. I would have liked to see them land a weak-side linebacker to replace Ernie Sims. Someone like Darryl Washington would have been a perfect fit in the late 1st round instead of Jahvid Best. Ultimately I can’t criticize the draft too much though. They landed the best player in the entire draft class. The Lions are definitely headed in the right direction.

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Corey Chavous is an embarrassment to all draftniks

If you watched andy of the Senior Bowl coverage on the NFL Network you may be familiar with Corey Chavous’ site I checked out the site when I first learned of it and quickly dismissed it as a feeble attempt of a former NFL player to become a draftnik. The site is poorly put together and ridiculous rankings such as Joe Haden as the 4th-ranked cornerback and Jermaine Gresham as the 7th-rated tight end cause him to lose all credibility.

But just in case you actually thought he had some shred of credibility based on the fact that he played in the NFL, I present to you his mock draft.

A few of the highlights:
1. Neither Jimmy Clausen, nor Sam Bradford are in the 1st round

2. Ryan Mathews goes 7th overall to the Browns

3. Amari Spievey is the 2nd cornerback selected, behind Patrick Robinson

I hate to drive traffic to his site by even providing the links. But mock drafts like these, especially by those such as Corey Chavous who have the ability to reach a significant audience, infuriate me. Its insulting to the fans and it hurts the credibility of everyone in the business. Those who see these clearly impossible mock drafts quickly become cynical towards all draftniks. I hear it all the time: how can you predict the draft months in advance? True, its difficult, but not nearly as hard some make it appear.

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