Chicago Bears select Alshon Jeffery, Grade B+

Alshon Jeffery has a ton of talent and potential, but there were good reasons why he fell to the 2nd round. That said, at this point in the draft he is well worth the risk for the Chicago Bears.

The only concern I have is the fact that they’re pairing a receiver with work ethic and effort issues with Brandon Marshall, who isn’t exactly a great role model. I would be more comfortable with this selection if the Bears had a better leadership situation on offense.

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Kansas City Chiefs select Jeff Allen, Grade D

This was a reach by the Kansas City Chiefs. They definitely needed to address the offensive line, but Jeff Allen is sloppy and makes far too many rookie mistakes for a guy who was a four-year starter.

Illinois used him in an odd role, shifting him between left and right tackle throughout the course of the game. Despite his experience at tackle, he lacks the athleticism to play tackle in the pros and should be shifted inside to guard. Regardless of where he plays, Allen needs time to develop and won’t be an impact player for the Chiefs in 2012.

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New York Jets select Stephen Hill, Grade A

The New York Jets needed to upgrade their receiving corps, and they got a guy who can make an impact immediately and who also has a ton of upside.

Stephen Hill has the potential to be an immediate deep threat, and should play a role very similar to the one Torrey Smith played in Balitmore as a rookie last year. Like Smith, Hill has a long way to go before he’s a polished product, but his raw skills will allow him to be a difference maker in certain situations even as a rookie.

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Miami Dolphins select Jonathan Martin, Grade A

The Miami Dolphins filled a glaring hole at right tackle with the selection of Jonathan Martin, and it’s a great fit for both player and team.

I was concerned that someone would try to force Martin into a starting role at left tackle, which would have been detrimental to his development. But the Dolphins have Jake Long entrenched on the lefet side, which means Martin will remain on he right side and should immediately be a quality starter. His upside is limited by very average athleticism, but he has the tools to be a solid starter, which is all you can ask for in the 2nd round.

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Buffalo Bills select Cordy Glenn, Grade A+

The Buffalo Bills continue to have a brilliant offseason. Cordy Glenn doesn’t solve the issue at right tackle, but the Bills will probably plug him in at right tackle and leave him there for the next decade.

Glenn’s upside is relatively modest, which is probably why he fell, but I love this selection for the Bills because he is such a safe selection. He will be a quality starter from the minute he sets foot on the field and helps solidify an offense line that really needed a boost.

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Carolina Panthers select Amini Silatolu, Grade C

The Carolina Panthers needed to address the offensive line at some point, but I am a little surprised by the pick.

Amini Silatolu is somewhat raw and is coming from a lower division which raises further concerns. He definitely has the size and strength, but I don’t view him as a guy that can step in and start from day one. With Cordy Glenn still on the board, this was a questionable decision.

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St. Louis Rams select Janoris Jenkins, Grade C

The St. Louis Rams are gambling here, but I don’t completely hate the move. They have multiple picks in the 2nd round, so I can definitely understand why they were willing to gamble. However, a young team which is likely not going to be competitive for another year or two is generally not a good place for a guy with character concerns. Janoris Jenkins would have been better off in a place where he could be surrounded by veterans.

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Jacksonville Jaguars select Andre Branch, Grade A

I have been critical of Jacksonville Jaguars GM Gene Smith in the past, but he’s putting together a nice draft this year.

Andre Branch was the top defensive end on the board, and should make immediate impact in Jacksonville. They needed to add a young end to improve their pass rush, and Branch can definitely be that guy. He’ll likely be used as part of a rotation early in his career, which should maximize his ability to be effective as an edge rusher.

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Cleveland Browns select Mitchell Schwartz, Grade C+

I actually like the fact that the Cleveland Browns didn’t feel compelled to draft a receiver simply because it’s their most glaring need. However, they missed the boat with Mitchell Schwartz.

Schwartz can be a reasonably effective starter, but he’s the type of player you can find in free agency every year without having to break the bank. In essence, he’s a younger Tony Pashos, the guy the Browns just released which opened up this hole at right tackle. The best way to describe Schwartz’s game is to say he’s a bend-but-don’t-break blocker. And when you move from the Pac-12 to the NFL, more of those blocks will begin to break.

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Denver Broncos select Derek Wolfe, Grade C+

The Denver Broncos addressed an obvious area of weakness, and did so with a player who should be able to come in and be reasonably effective. However, Derek Wolfe was most definitely not the top defensive tackle on the board.

Brandon Thompson, Devon Still and possibly a few others should have come off the board before Wolfe, who isn’t the most physically gifted player and appeared to have some conditioning/stamina issues in the games I studied from his senior year.

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