Seattle Seahawks select Russell Wilson, Grade B

The Seattle Seahawks needed to come away with a quarterback to develop at some point in this draft, and Russell Wilson is a solid choice. However, the 3rd round is a little too early to take a guy who projects as a career backup.

I love Wilson’s leadership and his intangibles, but he lacks the physical tools to be an elite starter at the next level. I do think he will have a long career and be an excellent backup and spot starter, but Seahawks fans should keep a realistic mindset about this selection. Wilson is not the future franchise quarterback. More realistically, he’s the next Seneca Wallace.

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Denver Broncos select Brock Osweiler, Grade C+

Despite making the playoffs in 2012 and adding Peyton Manning, the Denver Broncos are still a few pieces away from being legitimate contenders. So I find it odd that they drafted a guy who won’t see the field in any meaningful capacity until 2013 at the earliest.

Brock Osweiler is purely a developmental prospect, and wasn’t worth a 2nd-round selection in my opinion. I like a lot of his tools, but the Broncos coaching staff will likely need to re-work his throwing motion over the course of the next couple years. How quickly he develops may also hinge on how much Peyton Manning embraces the task of tutoring him.

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Cincinnati Bengals select Devon Still, Grade A

The Cincinnati Bengals got an excellent value here with Devon Still, and added some much needed depth to the defensive line.

I wasn’t as high on Still as some, but in the late 2nd round he was well worth the pick and should play a significant role as part of the Bengals defensive line rotation. He’ll fit nicely with Geno Atkins and Domato Peko.

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Tennessee Titans select Zach Brown, Grade B

The Tennessee Titans clearly fell in love with Zach Brown’s athleticism. There’s no denying the fact that he can fly around the field, but he isn’t an true impact player in any aspect of the game at this stage in his career. I did give him a late 2nd-round grade based on his athleticism and potential, however, so I will still give the pick a solid B.

What I don’t like about this pick, however, is the fact that Lavonte David was still on the board. David doesn’t quite have Brown’s upside, but is far and away the better football player at this point in time.

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Green Bay Packers select Jerel Worthy, Grade A+

This is a perfect pick for the Green Bay Packers. Jerel Worthy would be a nose tackle for some teams, but the Packers like oversized defensive ends, where Worthy will likely play in their 3-4 defense. He actually compares favorably to Ryan Pickett, who has done a nice job in Green Bay over the past few  years.

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St. Louis Rams select Isaiah Pead, Grade D

The St. Louis Rams needed to add a running back to share the load with Steven Jackson, but Isaiah Pead was not the guy to target.

Pead was given a 2nd round grade by some, but I don’t think he has the skills to carry the load at the next level. He’s be a decent backup in St. Louis, but they should ¬†have targeted someone with the potential to take over for Jackson in a year or two. Lamar Miller or Robert Turbin would have been better options.

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San Diego Chargers select Kendall Reyes, Grade B

The San Diego Chargers had other positions of need, but they got a decent value here with Kendall Reyes.

Reyes fits nicely at defensive end in their 3-4 defense, but I didn’t view the position as a glaring weakness. Reyes will have to complete with two other young defensive ends, Corey Luigit and Vaughn Martin, for playing time and may have a hard time cracking the 1st-team unit.

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New England Patriots select Tavon Wilson, Grade F

This is the biggest reach of the draft and the worst 2nd round pick since the Raiders reach for Mike Mitchell in 2009.

The New England Patriots do a great job managing the draft with trades, but every so often Bill Belichick gets too cute and tries to out-smart everyone else, but only ends up out-smarting himself. Wilson is a special teams player who lacks the basic skills to start in the NFL. I don’t see any possible way this selection proves to be worthwhile for the Patriots.

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Seattle Seahawks select Bobby Wagner, Grade B

The Seattle Seahawks got decent value for Bobby Wagner here and he fills a need to a certain extent. However, I do have some concerns about this pick.

For starters, he doesn’t have an obvious position. I’m not sure if he’ll play inside or weak-side linebacker in Seattle. On top of that, Lavonte David is a similar player who was higher on my board, and many others.

I do like Wagner, and I’ll give them a solid B for this pick, but it’s not the most exciting pick of the 2nd round.

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Philadelphia Eagles select Mychal Kendricks, Grade A

The Philadelphia Eagles got one of the best players on the board and filled an immediate need with this selection. I’m not sure if Mychal Kendricks will play weak-side or strong-side linebacker, but he could be an upgrade at either position. Considering Brian Rolle’s breakout year in 2011, the strong-side may be the best place for him.

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