2012 NFL Draft

Draft Losers: Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks made the reach of the draft by selecting Bruce Irvin in the 1st round, but that wasn’t the last of their poor decisions. And for the second straight year, Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider demonstrated a complete lack of understanding as to how to use the draft to effectively improve their roster.

Bruce Irvin

Irvin's workout numbers landed him in the 1st round

2nd-round pick Bobby Wagner is the Seahawks only draftee with a reasonable chance to start in 2012, and even he will be forced to compete with Barrett Ruud for the starting job at inside linebacker.

The selection of Russell Wilson, who projects as a career backup, raises further questions about the Seahawks draft strategy. It’s difficult to imagine how the Seahawks front office could justify a draft class filled with career backups when their current roster is filled with so many glaring holes.

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Seahawks add RB to compete with Marshawn Lynch

The Seattle Seahawks may have added some competition for Marshawn Lynch in the 4th round with the selection of Utah State running back Robert Turbin.

Turbin enters the league with some injury concerns, which caused him to fall down draft boards, but if he stays healthy he has the potential to develop into a starter at the next level.

Like Lynch, Turbin has a small, compact build and does a great job running between the tackles. He’s also an explosive runner, who hits holes with an impressive burst. The Seahawks now have a nice trio at running back with two between-the-tackles types (Lynch and Turbin) and a change-of-pace back in Leon Washington.

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Seattle Seahawks select Russell Wilson, Grade B

The Seattle Seahawks needed to come away with a quarterback to develop at some point in this draft, and Russell Wilson is a solid choice. However, the 3rd round is a little too early to take a guy who projects as a career backup.

I love Wilson’s leadership and his intangibles, but he lacks the physical tools to be an elite starter at the next level. I do think he will have a long career and be an excellent backup and spot starter, but Seahawks fans should keep a realistic mindset about this selection. Wilson is not the future franchise quarterback. More realistically, he’s the next Seneca Wallace.

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Seattle Seahawks select Bobby Wagner, Grade B

The Seattle Seahawks got decent value for Bobby Wagner here and he fills a need to a certain extent. However, I do have some concerns about this pick.

For starters, he doesn’t have an obvious position. I’m not sure if he’ll play inside or weak-side linebacker in Seattle. On top of that, Lavonte David is a similar player who was higher on my board, and many others.

I do like Wagner, and I’ll give them a solid B for this pick, but it’s not the most exciting pick of the 2nd round.

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Seattle Seahawks select Bruce Irvin, Grade F

Can I give a grade lower than F?

The Seattle Seahawks front office is nothing short of clueless when it comes to evaluating prospects. James Carpenter was a disaster of a 1st-round pick in 2011, and yet they found a way to top it here. Bruce Irvin can be a terror as a pass rusher, but he’s very raw and is not a three-down lineman at this stage in his career. Throw the character concerns on top of that, and you’ve got a guy with a huge bust factor. This pick could end up costing a number of people their job in Seattle.

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Draft Needs: Seattle Seahawks

Matt Peterson tracks the offseason needs of every team in the league. Today’s franchise, the Seattle Seahawks [full archive here].

Season Recap: I’m a fan of Head Coach Pete Carroll. He took an untalented team to the playoffs his first season and led an inspired group to some upset (Giants, Ravens, Eagles, Bears) victories in year two, while staying competitive in many of the other games with Tavaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback. If newly signed free agent, Matt Flynn plays nearly as well as he did in limited time in Green Bay, the Seahawks could be sleepers.

Team Needs:
1. Inside Linebacker: Seattle dealt with the loss of David Hawthorne to New Orleans by signing Barrett Ruud- Seattle has a glaring need at middle linebacker. Luke Kuechly is a stud and would be a great selection in round one, that is if he lasts that long.

2. Defensive End: The Seahawks need a player who can get to the quarterback opposite of Chris Clemons. Melvin Ingram would look good in Seattle’s new uniforms.

3. Wide Receiver: Mike Williams’ looked like his old self this past season and Sidney Rice couldn’t stay healthy. Matt Flynn came from a team that had about 15 solid weapons around him. Seattle should add another playmaker to Flynn’s arsenal. Stephen Hill, Kendall Wright, and Reuben Randle are possible targets.

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Ryan Tannehill reportedly out for Senior Bowl

According to a report from DraftInsider.net’s Tony Pauline, Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill has suffered a “significant” foot injury and will miss the Senior Bowl.

This is devestating news for Tannehill, who has an outside shot at sneaking into the 1st round of the draft. With Matt Barkley returning to school, we’re guaranteed to have more teams in the market for a 1st-round quarterback than we’ll have obvious 1st-round talent at the position. Tannehill could potentially be an option for the Browns or Seahawks late on the first day of the draft.

The only good news for Tannehill is that the only two quarterbacks ahead of him on every draft board (Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin) are underclassmen, and therefor will not be on display at the Senior Bowl either. However, others such as Kirk Cousins, Ryan Lindley and Nick Foles could benefit from Tannehill’s absence in Mobile.

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2011 Draft Grades: Seattle Seahawks

I gave the Seattle Seahawks an A for their 2010 draft class, and 12 months later I still think it was one of the best from that year. Their 2011 class, however, is all kinds of awful. Nearly every pick was a reach and they failed to address some key areas of concern.

A case could be made that James Carpenter was the biggest reach of the entire draft – a sentiment which his former coach, Nick Saban, seemed to agree with on draft night. He can step in and play right tackle or guard for the Seahawks, but his upside is limited. He isn’t much of an athlete and rarely dominates his assignments. I expect him to be a serviceable starter, but nothing close to the talent you expect to get from the 1st round. To make matters worse, Gabe Carimi, who plays with the mean streak Carpenter lacks and has elite potential as a run blocking right tackle, was still on the board.

In the 3rd round the ‘Hawks landed John Moffitt, who I actually like a lot (and had rated higher than Carpenter). He’s a fundamentally sound interior lineman who should start at right guard immediately.

K.J. Wright had decent value in the 4th round and adds much needed depth at linebacker. His upside is limited, but he should be a serviceable backup.

Kris Durham was another huge reach. I didn’t have him ranked among my top 50 receivers, yet the Seahawks somehow felt he was among the top 107 players in the entire draft. He’s tall and certainly looks the part, but he had just 64 career receptions at Georgia. He has some upside, but you don’t draft longshot developmental prospects in the 4th round.

Richard Sherman is an interesting prospect. He’s a 6’3″ cornerback, who could excel in certain matchups. However, due to his size it’s likely that he’ll eventually be moved to safety. He isn’t a future starter, but depth was needed in the secondary.

Like Sherman, Mark LeGree and Byron Maxwell were selected simply to replenish the depth in Seattle’s secondary. There’s not much to get excited about with either player, but they’ll both contribute on special teams and should be able to earn roster spots as a result.

Lazarius “Pep” Levingston primarily played defensive end at LSU but will likely shift inside to tackle in Seattle’s 4-3 scheme. They needed to add depth at the position due to Brandon Mebane’s uncertain future with the team, but I’m surprised they waited until the 7th round. Perhaps this is an indication that a deal has quietly been worked out with Mebane and he’ll re-sign once the lockout is lifted.

And with their last pick, Pete Carroll predictably grabbed a former USC Trojan. Malcolm Smith was highly recruited out of high school but failed to live up to expectations. Perhaps Carroll can get the most out of him in the NFL.

Looking at this draft as a whole, it’s tough to see how the Seahawks got any better. Carpenter isn’t an upgrade over Sean Locklear at right tackle and Moffitt, if he even starts, is only a minor upgrade over Stacy Andrews at right guard. The rest of the class projects strictly as backups, with very little upside. In addition to the many reaches, the Seahawks failed to address the defensive line. If Brandon Mebane does not re-sign, the unit instantly becomes one of the weakest in the NFL. Additionally, they failed to add a pass rusher. While Chris Clemons was impressive in 2010, it’s unrealistic to expect the journeyman to repeat that performance.

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Even Nick Saban knows James Carpenter was a 1st round reach

College coaches will lie all offseason about how great their players are going to be in the NFL. They hype up their players because it’s good for recruiting, and their future NFL draft prospects want to know they’ll be supported.

But they also know the true value of a player’s draft stock and Nick Saban, forgetting the cameras were on him, shared those thoughts about James Carpenter when the Seattle Seahawks selected him in the 1st round:

I gave the Seahawks an F for their selection of Carpenter, and it sounds like Saban concurs.

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5 early bold predictions for the NFL Draft

5. A trade occurs within the first five picks
The Panthers would love to trade down. The Broncos probably feel the same way. With two quarterbacks possibly coming off the board within the first five picks, someone is going to trade up to ensure they get their guy. My money’s on the Cardinals moving up for Gabbert, possibly to No. 1.

4. The Patriots actually use both 1st-round picks
No one loves trading picks more than Bill Belichick, but this year the Patriots actually need their picks. There is enough talent at positions of need (defensive line, offensive line) that the Patriots will stay put and fill some holes. In the 2nd round is where we’ll see the Pats start making moves. 

The best player in the draft isn't falling as far as you may think

3. Patrick Peterson is off the board within the first six picks
Nearly every mock draft has Peterson falling to the 49ers.  Sorry to ruin your fun 49ers fans, but the best player in the draft isn’t getting past six different teams. If he falls to No. 6 the Browns will gladly end his fall, even if he doesn’t fill a glaring hole.

2. A.J. Green falls to the Washington Redskins
There are multiple scenarios in which this could happen, and I truly believe one of them will come true. In my most recent mock draft I have the Bengals selecting Julio Jones, which allows Green to fall to No. 10.

1. At least three quarterbacks will go in the 1st round
Newton and Gabbert are 1st-round locks. After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to who many come off the board next. However, I am confident that someone will reach for another quarterback in the 1st round. Maybe the Dolphins reach for Mallett or Locker. Maybe the Seahawks do the same. Maybe someone falls in love with Dalton or Ponder. Whatever happens, one of those guys is going in the 1st round, and possibly more.

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