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CFL could be good fit for Pryor

Back in December I wrote up a brief scouting report on Terrelle Pryor, but it’s worth revisiting now that his college career is officially over.

Pryor isn't ready for the NFL… and the NFL may not be ready for him.

In my previous report I defender Pryor, to an extent, stating that he deserved a shot at quarterback before being converted to receiver. I still believe he has the talent to play quarterback in the NFL, but he is extremely raw. To reach his full potential he will need to dramatically improve his work ethic and, given the numerous allegations brought forth against him in recent months calling into question his maturity, I’m not sure I would be willing to bet on his ability to do so.

His character concerns have entered Ryan Mallett territory, but Pryor isn’t half as polished as Mallett. Give Mallett the character/work ethic of someone such as Sam Bradford and he would have undoubtedly been a top-10 pick in the 2011 draft. I can’t say the same for Pryor given his inconsistent performances on the field.

The best option for Pryor may be to take his talents to Canada. Spending a season in the CFL would allow Pryor to rehab his image and prove his dedication to the game. If he is able to swallow his pride and develop his skills in Canada, NFL teams may start to take him more seriously and be willing to give him a legitimate shot at quarterback.

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What does Michael Floyd’s future look like?

After his arrest on Sunday for “operatingĀ a vehicle while intoxicated” Notre Dame has suspended star receiver Michael Floyd indefinitely, putting his future with the program in jeopardy.

There’s a chance that Floyd will eventually be dismissed from the program which could create some problems for him in terms of his immediately playing future.

Floyd may end up playing at the FCS or D-II level in 2011

Normally Floyd could enter the supplemental draft and be in an NFL camp by August. However, the lockout calls into question whether or not a supplemental draft will even happen. According to Rob Rang of CBS Sports, some sources say even the NFL doesn’t know what will happen to the supplemental draft.

If there is no mid-summer draft Floyd may be forced to transfer to a FCS or D-II school, where he would be eligible to play immediately. He would undoubtedly dominate the competition at the level, which could help revive his stock.

According to Scott Wright of, the NFL advisory committee gave Floyd a 3rd-round grade before he ultimately decided to return to school. In this year’s draft class Floyd may have actually gone higher, simply due to the lack of depth in the wide receiver class.

If Floyd remains at Notre Dame, he’ll enter the 2011 season as the consensus top-rated senior receiver. However, at least three juniors (Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon, South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffery and Rutgers’ Mohamed Sanu) would have higher grades. With a solid year he could establish himself as a 2nd-round pick, but may have a hard time climbing up in the 1st-round range if those juniors turn pro.

If Floyd does wind up in the supplemental draft, he won’t cash in like he may have with a breakout senior year at Notre Dame. In the past decade just three teams have used a 3rd-round pick or higher in the summer draft.

Nothing is guaranteed in the supplemental draft. Take Jared Gaither for example. He was easily the most highly rated supplemental draft prospect of the past five years, yet the Ravens only needed to use a 5th-round pick to land him. He’s developed into a Pro Bowl caliber tackle, but he missed out on a potential 1st-round pay day had he stayed at Maryland for his senior year.

Ultimately it’s too early to know where Floyd may wind up in 2011, but it’s safe to say nothing good can come from this development.

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