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Colts select Andrew Luck, Grade: A+

Obviously there’s no surprise here. Andrew Luck has been in the No. 1 slot on every single one of my 2012 mock drafts (and most of the 2011 mocks, before he returned to school). The Indianapolis Colts now have the face of their franchise for the next 10+ years. Even if Luck doesn’t fully live up to the lofty standards set by Peyton Manning, Luck will still lead the Colts to multiple playoff appearances once he’s surrounded by enough talent.

All that said, it’s going to be a rough rookie year for Luck. The Colts have essentially no talent on either side of the ball and realistically could be picking at the top of the draft once again in 2013.

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Eagles prepared to trade up

It seems like everyone wants to trade down this year, but the Philadelphia Eagles are one of the few looking to move up in the draft. The Eagles are reportedly very high on both Mark Barron and Fletcher Cox, and neither player figures to be on the board at No. 15.

Not only are the Eagles interested in moving up, but they also have more than enough ammunition to make it happen. With two 2nd round picks, the Eagles could easily climb into the top 10. They may view the Jaguars as a desirable trade partner in an effort to jump ahead of the Panthers.

The Eagles clearly believe they are a player or two away from being legitimate contenders, which could force them to part with a nice package of picks in order to move up to get their guy.

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Mike Band’s Draft Guide

DraftAce contributor and 2009 Mock Draft Champion Mike Band has just released his final draft guide. Download your copy here. You can also find Mike’s work on his newly launched site, The Draft Podium.

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Jets prepared to trade up, possibly into top 10

It  has been widely reported that the New York Jets have Trent Richardson at the top of their draft board. It has also been reported that the top pass rusher on their board in Melvin Ingram.

Neither player is going to be on the board at No.16, which means the Jets will need to trade up to land one of their primary targets, and they’re prepared to do just that.

The Jaguars, who own the 7th pick, are a likely trade partner. If they move up to No. 7, the Jets would target Ingram with that selection.

In order to move up into the top 10, the Jets will need to part with their 1st and 2nd round picks this year, and likely another mid-round pick (3rd or 4th round) in 2013.

At this point it sounds as though it’s only a matter of “when” rather than “if” the Jets move up.

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Russell Wilson scouting report

Russell Wilson QB Wisconsin #16
Ht: 5’11″

Wt: 204

Extremely patient in the pocket. Remains calm, keeps his eyes downfield and stands tall even as the pocket is collapsing around him. Impressive athlete; former minor-league baseball player. Can buy time with his feet and is also a threat to take off running. Impressive accuracy on all throws. Arm strength isn’t elite, but has more than enough strength to make all the throws. Does a nice job on play action and pump fakes. Plenty of experience; four-year starter. Made smooth transition from N.C. State to Wisconsin and clearly picked up Badgers offense quickly and excelled from the start. Strong fundamentals; nice over-the-top throwing motion minimizes impact of his height.
Accuracy becomes shaky on the run; will miss some wide-open receivers when rolling outside the pocket (see first 2011 MSU game). Decision making typically strong, but does make some poor decisions under extreme pressure (took safety vs MSU by throwing ball away; also made uncharacteristic number of mistakes vs OSU, arguably best defense he faced in career). Undersized; a limited number of quarterbacks with his height excel at the next level.
Wilson’s height definitely raises some concern, but if he were 6’4″ I believe he would be considered a solid mid-to-late 1st-round pick. While his height puts him at a disadvantage, he definitely has the tools (accuracy and athleticism) to overcome his short stature. While he may never develop into a starter, he should have a long career due to his composure on the field and his overall football intelligence. At worst, he should be a reliable backup, who may eventually develop into a starter. He compares favorably, both in terms of tools and measurables, to Seneca Wallace and should be able to put together a similar career.
2011 vs Ohio State
2011 vs Michigan State 
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Kellen Moore scouting report

Kellen Moore QB Boise State #111
Ht: 6’0″

Wt: 197

Four-year starter with a solid grasp on the mental aspect of the game. A true team leader on the field who directs traffic well and makes solid decisions with the football. Decent athlete; looks good throwing on the run and able to maintain his accuracy.
Level of competition is a concern; talent gap between Boise State and it’s WAC opponents was so great that Moore simply wasn’t forced to consistently make tough decisions under pressure. Undersized; another aspect which was masked in college due to the time he was frequently given ample time in the pocket; will need to learn to make faster decisions at the next level without always having the ideal vantage point due to his lack of height. Arm strength is only average; can make all the throws, but lacks that extra zip to squeeze it into tight spaces which can sometimes separate quarterbacks at the next level. Throwing motion is slightly three-quarters which exacerbates the height issue. He’s already only 6’0″, but ball comes from the slot of guy who’s about 5’9″.
Moore was one of the most dominant quarterbacks in recent college football history, but he lacks the basic skills necessary to play a significant role at the next level. His size disadvantage is part of the problem, but the real issue is that he lacks the tools to make up for that lack of size. He is not significantly smaller than Colt McCoy, who was a 3rd round selection and has found some measure of success in the NFL. However, he can’t even begin to compare to McCoy in terms of accuracy. Smaller quarterback, such as McCoy and Brees, absolutely must have elite accuracy in order to be considered legitimate prospects. McCoy has the accuracy, Brees has the accuracy and NFL-caliber decision-making skills, which is what sets him apart. At this stage of his career, Moore is lacking in both areas. Moore is a smart quarterback, and could provide some value in the locker room as a 3rd string quarterback, but his developmental upside is limited.
2011 vs Georgia
2011 vs San Diego State 
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B.J. Coleman scouting report

B.J. Coleman QB Chattanooga #19
Ht: 6’3″

Wt: 232

Prototypical size. Strong arm; can easily make all the throws. Decent fundamentals when he’s not pressured. Tough player who can take a hit in the pocket.
Not a fluid athlete; looks very mechanical in all of his movements; throwing motion is technically sound, but looks very choppy and almost over-exaggerated at times. Accuracy is inconsistent, especially on deep routes. Sort of an awkward throwing motion; tends to throw from an open stance, especially when rushed. Also short-arms his throws when pressured. Noticeably flustered by pressure; dances in the pocket and loses his fundamentals. Tends to lock on to his primary target. Missed end of senior year with shoulder injury.
Coleman has the raw physical tools to play at the next level, but he is purely a developmental prospect. He needs to become more comfortable and consistent in the pocket, and his accuracy must improve before he’s ready to set foot on an NFL field.
2011 vs Nebraska
2010 vs Auburn 
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McCrystal’s updated mock draft

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck – QB – Stanford - Scouting Report
The Colts still haven’t made their intentions known, but I just can’t see him going any other direction with this pick. Griffin is an elite prospect, but players like him come along every couple years. Luck is in another stratosphere as a prospect, and there are franchise that have waited their entire existence without ever having the opportunity to land a guy like him. The Colts would be making a huge mistake to pass on Luck.

2. Washington Redskins - Robert Griffin III – QB – Baylor - Scouting Report
[from Rams] As much as the Redskins are excited about Griffin, there’s no doubt that they’re secretly crossing their fingers for the Colts to let Andrew Luck slide. But Griffin will be a fine consolation prize, if you can even call it that. He’s a special prospect, but the challenge now will be to surround him with enough talent in order to let him develop.

3. Minnesota Vikings - Matt Kalil – OT – USC - Scouting Report
The Vikings may entertain the possibility of trading this pick but if they stay put Kalil is too valuable to pass up. Their offensive line has been depleted by the release of Steve Hutchinson and Anthony Herrera, and if they want to keep Christian Ponder on his feet in 2012, then adding a star at left tackle is a must. Read more

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5 teams that will draft a quarterback

1. Indianapolis Colts/Washington Redskins
This is a done deal, so I’ll group these teams together.  We know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin are headed to Indy and Washington, respectively. But I will add this, don’t be surprised if Colts draft another quarterback to compete for the backup job with Drew Stanton. They own six picks in the final three rounds of the draft, and could add a guy like Russell Wilson or B.J. Coleman late in the draft.

2. Miami Dolphins
I’m not convinced the Dolphins will take Ryan Tannehill, but they will draft someone to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job. If they pass on Tannehill, Brandon Weeden or Kirk Cousins could be options on Day Two.

3. Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs are another candidate to land Tannehill. But even if they miss out on the Texas A&M signal caller, they’re likely to bring in someone to groom as Matt Cassel’s replacement in the 2nd or 3rd round.

4. Cleveland Browns
The Browns will have the first crack at Tannehill, but they’re unlikely to pull the trigger at No. 4. In fact, the Browns may simply chose to stick with McCoy and pass on most of the top signal callers in this draft. But that doesn’t mean they won’t find someone. Mike Holmgren is a quarterback guru, and is likely to pick out someone in the 3rd round or later that he would like to develop.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
Obviously the Steelers aren’t in the Tannehill sweepstakes, but they’re also unlikely to enter the 2012 season with Jerrod Johnson and Troy Smith as Roethlisberger’s backups. Look for them to add a quarterback at some point, potentially as a early as the 3rd round.

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Taylor Thompson scouting report

Taylor Thompson TE SMU #8
Ht: 6’6″

Wt: 259

Impressive size/speed combination. Workout numbers at pro day were very impressive for his size: 37 inch vertical, 4.55 forty, 4.38 shuttle. 38th-ranked TE prospect by Rivals.com coming out of high school.
Never played tight end in college. Converted to defensive end after arriving at SMU.
Thompson was a late-round defensive end prospect, but has drawn interest from teams as a tight end. It’s difficult to project his future given his lack of playing time, but he has the measurables to be a force. As we’ve seen in recent years, experience is definitely not necessary to make an impact at tight end, and Thompson has reportedly looked good in workouts. Given his size and workout numbers, he’s definitely worth a flier in the mid rounds.
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