Thoughts on Ryan Mallett to the New England Patriots

Ryan Mallet (scouting report) was a boom-or-bust prospect no matter where he landed, but that may be even more true now that he’s a New England Patriot.

Mallett will be a doing a lot of standing around in New England over the next 3 years

Barring an injury to Tom Brady, we won’t see Mallett on the field for an extended period of time for at least three years. Meaning he’ll be given every opportunity to sit, watch and learn.

And that goes for more than just the on-field side of things. New England’s cast of veterans, Brady included, will teach Mallett how to be a professional – assuming he’s willing to learn.

As an outside it’s easy to say that Mallett will be better off watching and learning (because it’s true), but it’s much harder to be in that position. Imagine being Mallett today. You’re arguably the most NFL ready quarterback in this year’s draft class and have obvious 1st-round talent. The draft is filled with teams in desperate need of a quarterback. And you end up falling until the 3rd round to a team with no use for you until three or four years down the road. That’s gotta hurt.

How Mallett responds will determine his future success. If he takes advantage of the opportunity Belichick has given him, I have absolutely no doubt that he will be successful. But if he doesn’t and becomes a distraction in the locker room, Belichick will have no problem cutting him lose before he ever sees the field.

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