DraftAce’s Final Top 100

Every year Robby Esch and his colleagues at The Huddle Report organize draftniks from around the country to participate their mock draft and top 100 grading system.

Midnight (ET) on Tuesday was the deadline for our top 100 lists to be submitted.

The lists are a prediction of the top 100 players to be chosen this weekend, and the scoring is simple: 1 point for each player to go within the top 100 picks.

Over the past five years DraftAce ranks 3rd overall, trailing only the legendary Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News and the folks at The Huddle Report.

In each of the past four drafts DraftAce has correctly predicted at least 80 of the top 100 – the second-longest active streak, trailing only Gosselin.

So without further ado, here is this year’s top 100.

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Ryan launched DraftAce in 2004. His Top 100 board is currently ranked 1st out of 20 publications in The Huddle Report's five-year averages. His mock draft is ranked 10th out of 32 competitors.You can also find Ryan's weekly Heisman Predictor series on ESPN Insider every fall.