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We are 14 days away from what we’ve all been waiting for.  I want to let everyone know that I am diligently working on my 2011 Draft ‘Day’ Guide which will be available for sale/download by April 25th (the Monday before the draft).  This is to ensure that all info in the guide will be more up to date than any publication you’ll find.

You can read my 2010 draft guide here:

This year’s guide will be even better.

You’ll find a creative ‘value’ board which is much different than the usual ‘top 300′ list you’ll find everywhere else.  You’ll also have access to a team-by-team draft board, which will feature 10-15 players for each team and the round they’re projected to be taken. I’ve written scouting reports on over 300 players, which will feature information on their pro day, medical concerns, combine numbers, etc.

This guide will be the tool you need for all of your information on draft day.  I’ll be sure to post sample pages as soon as they’re ready.

I want to reach out to all twitter users who have yet to click ‘follow’ next to @Band_Draftace.  Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of tweets I’ve made regarding all things NFL Draft over the last month… I hope this will help…

  • Could the #1 prospect in the #NFLDraft LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson really fall to #7 to the #49ers?… It’s possible.
  • The #Cowboys will not be bringing in Patrick Peterson in for an official visit per:
  • The #Lions brought in Suh and Best pre-draft last season… look at who they’re considering here: #TSmith #Prince
  • The #Falcons and the #Bucaneers are the two teams that you should pay attention to who they bring in on a pre-draft visit #NFLDraft … They are the two teams who drafted the most plays from their visit list last year.
  • The #Titans, #Texans, #Packers, #Saints disguise most
  • Almost all mid to late round QB’s will be drafted by a team that brought him in for a pre-draft visit/workout #NFLDraft
  • Nobody tells Gil Brant lies… for pro day reports is great info. #NFLDraft #Godfather
  • Interesting thought to pre #NFLDraft visits.. Teams each bring in 30 guys to work them out and to find out as much about them as possible… Instead of thinking that the team is going to take the guy they’re considering, they’re actually learning everything about the players… that they WON’T take and who have been linked to their division rival. That way, when they play against him, they know how to… exploit his weakness. Look at a 2010 visit tracker, and you’ll notice a lot of the players your team brought in… actually went to a DIVISION RIVAL! #NFLDraft thought of the day.
  • the “buzz” that you should be following (to see if your team likes a player) is to find out if their coaching staff attended their pro day
  • Just had a thought… Mark Ingram to the #Falcons at #27 if he’s available. Won’t retain Snelling & Norwood, ‘BPA’ #NFLDraft
  • #Jaguars take another CAL DL who dominated the SR Bowl at #16: Cameron Jordan, DE
  • A few 2nd rd guys I’m not high on: Jake Locker, Jon Baldwin, Allen Bailey, Marvin Austin, Brandon Harris #NFLDraft
  • I’d take DEs Aldon Smith, Robert Quinn, Cam Jordan and JJ Watt before Da’Quan Bowers and his knee concern. Why risk it in a loaded DE class?
  • What do the #Browns do at #6 if CB Peterson is on the board? Take him, take DE Quinn or WR Jones, or Trade down?
  • Joe Haden and Patrick Peterson would be a scary CB tandem #Browns #NFLDraft
  • It will be very hard for Maryland WR Torrey Smith to fall to the 2nd round… #Chiefs, #Ravens, #Falcons, #Patriots will consider him + guess what position was drafted the most in the 1st round (last 10 yrs)? WR. Smith’s 4.3 speed will earn 1st round and 3rd WR off board
  • I’m placing less value on what prospect visits what NFL team. Instead I’m focusing on what positions the NFL team is looking at #NFLDraft
  • Will a team panic and trade into the late 1st to get ‘their’ QB out of Christian Ponder, Jake Locker or Andy Dalton? #NFLDraft
  • And that goes with saying that Ryan Mallett WILL go in the first round. #Dolphins #NFLDraft
  • OT depth halts around late 1st. NE can’t afford to wait til #28. Castonzo (54 starts) can be immediate starter at OT or OG
  • I see a downhill 2-down backer in Martez Wilson. Fast but COD is stiff. Will be drafted too high #NFLDraft rather #LSU K. Sheppard
  • the #Dolphins could definitely look at Gabe Carimi at #15. Solves immediate need at guard and future RT building block #NFLDraft
  • I could see Torrey Smith going #21 to #Chiefs even with Phil Taylor on the board. #NFLDraft
  • #Cowboys draft board: (trade up) Peterson, CB… (Stay at #9) T. Smith, OT… (trade down) M. Pouncey G/C #NFLDraft
  • 5 QBs could go in RD1. The problem is their value is higher than it should be. I’d take #Gabbert #Newton #Mallett 15-25 not top 10
  • #Broncos interest in QB’s is definition of NFL Draft smokescreen/due diligence. They have too many holes on Def. #Dareus #2
  • I’ve narrowed down Kansas City #Chiefs 1st rd draft board down to Ayers, OLB… Taylor,NT… T. Smith, WR #NFLDraft
  • If you’re not a QB, OT or DE, you should not be going first overall. #NFLDraft #value
  • As GM I’d accumulate 3rd round picks: Little/WR, Sheppard/LB, McCarthy/LB, Hunter/RB, Todman/RB, Chekwa/CB, Moffitt/OG, Carpenter/OT targets


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