Julio Jones needs foot surgery

Just one day after answering questions about his speed with a 4.39 forty-yard dash, Julio Jones‘ stock took a hit as he will reportedly need foot surgery to repair a broken bone.

You might be thinking ‘how much could his stock be hurt if he can run a 4.39 on a broken foot?’

Jones injury increases the chances he falls to the St. Louis Rams at No. 14

That’s a fair point, but the injury is expected to take eight weeks to heal, eliminating his chance to work out for any teams privately.

Even though the speed question seemed to be answered at the combine, teams would have liked to see him run routes up close and on their terms. By going through their drills, teams could get a better feel for how fast he actually plays as opposed to how fast he is while running a straight line.

A lot has been made about Jones’ 40 time being .11 seconds faster than A.J. Green, but it’s worth mentioning that Green was faster in the 20-yard shuttle – which is probably a better indicator of meaningful speed and agility for a receiver.

Jones is still a 1st-round pick, but the injury may hurt his chances of climbing up into the top 10.

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