Adrian Clayborn’s eating habits hurting draft stock?

Alright, so this is sort of a joke. But unfortunately, there is some truth to it.

Adrian Clayborn made the following tweet earlier today:

After the combine I’m goig to the store and I’m getting chips cooking donuts soda oatmeal pies frozen pizza and I’m going to shorts!!!Mon Feb 14 00:13:13 via Twitter for iPhone

This is probably just an innocent tweet and there’s nothing to be concerned about in regards to Clayborn. However, it is an issue that comes up every year.

Players workout for two months in preparation for the combine, only to crash back down to earth in the following weeks. For a player like Clayborn, this post-combine crash can be particularly concerning.

As a defensive end weighing in somewhere around 280 pounds, Clayborn doesn’t have much wiggle room with his weight. Binge eating after two months of workouts isn’t what he needs. He’ll still need to weigh in at Iowa’s pro day and then at each private workout he has with NFL teams. If he shows up even just 5-10 pounds heavier at those events than he did in Indianapolis, it could give someone reason to doubt him.

As I said, there’s no reason to worry about Clayborn specifically. Iowa’s coaches have praised his work ethic and he carries his weight well. I simply thought this was a good time to address the issue that many players are facing. They need to adjust to life in the NFL where there is no offseason, and sometimes it isn’t easy.

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