If a QB works out, but no one sees it, does it change his draft stock?

Cam Newton is hosting a workout today. Normally this would be a big deal, but Newton’s workout is only open to the media; no scouts are permitted to attend.

Newton is fooling no one with this media "workout"

That’s like me saying I’m going to write an awesome scouting report, but I’m only going to let my mom read it.

Like Newton’s draft stock, this workout is all hype and no substance. It’s a weak attempt to generate publicity and hopefully influence teams through their fans. Unfortunately for Newton, most NFL front office executives will see through this B.S.

In reality, this workout can only have a negative effect on his stock.

Yes, some teams will be willing to look past the stolen laptop and the issues with his dad and Mississippi State – but if anyone was on the fence about his character and the circus that surrounds him, this stunt could sway them the wrong way.

Cam Newton Scouting Report

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