A closer look at Anthony Davis

I’ve noticed more and more mock drafts have Anthony Davis placed in the top 10 lately. I certainly don’t dispute that it could happen, team’s have made far worse top-10 picks in the past, but in my opinion Davis is far from a top-10 prospect.

The New York Post ran a revealing story on Davis today, essentially detailing all the reasons I wouldn’t touch him in the top 10.

CFB: Connecticut vs Rutgers OCT 18The first issue with Davis is his weight. As a freshman he weighed in at 366 pounds. He has since cut down his weight, but it wasn’t easy. In 2008 he was benched when he came to camp over his targeted weight of 315 pounds. Today at the combine he weighed in at 323 pounds – not grossly overweight, but enough to raise some concern. Anytime a player doesn’t show up at the combine in the best shape of his life it causes some concerns. This is biggest job interview of the player’s life, if he can’t get motivated to get in shape now, when will he?

Another issue with Davis is his maturity level. Its tied to his weight issues, but it goes deeper than that. In 2008 he was suspended for violating team rules and was benched again later in the season for missing a team meeting. Now obviously these incidents aren’t enough to drag a player’s stock down too far, but it certainly raises some red flags.

Perhaps the biggest issue I have with Anthony Davis is the fact that he frequently looks lazy on the field. Take a look at the clips put together by ProDraftParty.com and you’ll see how he rarely finishes off his blocks. His size and strength should make him capable of dominating the inferior linemen he was facing in the Big East, but he rarely did.

On film he appears to take a lazy approach far too often. He gets a decent initial pop, but then sits back and allows the defender to recover. He was frequently going up against guys 50-75 pounds lighter than him. Getting beat on the outside by a speed rusher is one thing, but there were multiple occasions when inferior linemen beat him on an inside pass rush.

Add it all together and you get a very talented prospect with number of question marks. Personally, I wouldn’t touch him with a top-10 pick and probably wouldn’t select him in the 1st round at all. That said, teams are always looking for left tackles and Davis has the rare physical tools which could allow him to excel at that position. Based on potential alone, there will likely be someone out there willing to look past his shortcomings and take him within the first 32 picks.

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