Darryl Clark Interview

DraftAce’s Mike Band caught up with Penn State QB Darryl Clark at the East/West Shrine Game last week…

How’s your experience going this week throughout the practice? darrylclark

It was a bit rough at the very beginning. I was a late add-on so I was a little bit behind, trying to play a little bit of catch up. The first couple of days were a bit rough trying to get the timing down but I picked it up towards the end of the week. I didn’t know how many reps I was going to get before this football game, so I just told myself just make sure you make the best out of it, every play, and every throw you make.

Some people consider you as one of those athletic quarterbacks. Do you feel that you could make the transition like Michael Robinson did to another position in the NFL?

If I have to, yes but I would rather play quarterback. That’s my main position and that’s would I want to play at the next level. That depends on what they think. If they need me to play another position then that is what I would do.

What do you think is your best attribute as a quarterback?

Just to be able to make all the throws when needed and when no one’s open, you have to take off, and I can make a couple guys miss. I’m well coachable and I’m definitely a work-in-progress so we’ll see what happens in the next month.

Where would you rather play on Saturday: Penn State white out, or the victory last season against Ohio State in the Horseshoe?

Hmm. that’s a tough one, because that game last year really meant something, it really meant a whole lot, but I got to be at home at the white out. There’s nothing ever like that. You have 110,000 strong wearing white. All you see is white all over the place. You can look up into the stands and you got the place rockin’ when things are going well. It’s an unbelievable experience, so I would probably have to say that one. It’s always good to win on the road, but when you have all those people behind you at home, at Beaver, primetime, there’s nothing else like it.

If you could throw to any wide receiver in this game right now, who would it be?

Oh wow. I thought Blair White did a good job for Michigan State, and obviously the wide receiver from Bowling Green he stepped up big. It would probably be those two. Those two were consistent throughout the week. They just made plays.

What was it like playing for Joe Paterno in a prestigious and traditional program like that?

It was unreal. Jay Paterno, my quarterback coach, and the rest of the coaching staff made such an impact on my life since 2005 when I first stepped on campus. Coach Jay was definitely a guy that backed me 100% when things didn’t happen right for me and he said remain patient and when your time comes to take advantage of your responsibilities and opportunities. With Joe, obviously there was a quarterback controversy with me and Pat Devlin and it was a very tight run but he felt I was the best out of us. When times were bad and I wasn’t playing well, he didn’t yank me right away so that goes to show you the faith he had in me. It has been great. He has definitely prepared me for life as well as football and he always harps on the little things. We have a quote in the quarterback room: “take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves.” As you get older, you really start to understand what he means by that. It has been great. I enjoyed every year, all five years of it.

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